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TODAY: Easter Kindness Rocks Roll Out

Kindness Rocks are rolling out thanks to the intergenerational project of Senior Ministry and Children and Family Ministry!  Today children and adults can take a rock and share signs of resurrection good news! Where will they go in the community?  In a park? On a trail?  In a parking lot?  TIP: Do not to place the rock on any area that might be mowed or on private property without permission.  Each rock will be in a bag with instructions for pick up.

When you place the rock, take a picture and post it to your favorite social media. The rocks will have this label: If you find me, snap a picture #EasterKindnessRocks

TODAY: Easter rock video by Patti Rokus with permission

“Why rocks and pebbles? Well, truth be told, they chose me. I was compelled to pick them up. And once in hand, my eyes were opened, and I saw what they were saying, “Jesus Christ is our creator, our Savior, our Joy, and our Master.” At His command, the mountains move, the sick are healed, and dead come back to life. Why then would I be surprised that the rocks He made want to tell his story. I hope these rocks rekindle awe for our great and loving God who knows each one of us individually, and has our healing, peace, and progress as His work and His glory.”
Patti Rokus offers children’s books at https://rockstellstories.com.

Easter Sunday 2019 808 and 1108

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